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Issue Tracker being moved



Hi everyone,

I'm currently in the process of restructuring the MO source code project and moving it to github.
And since github has a decent issue tracker, I'll also stop hosting my own and instead use the one there.
This means that the old issue tracker will be read-only for a while before I shut it down eventually. I will import all open tickets into the new tracker though we will lose notifications for those and they all appear as if I had posted them.

The new issue tracker is at https://github.com/TanninOne/modorganizer/issues
I will update this post once the import of exiting issues is done.

I believe the import is now complete. If you notice any open issue missing from the github tracker, please let me know.

If you're interested in the source code: MO is now split into many individual repositories (one for each plugin, tool, ...). Each is intended to be buildable individually (using cmake as the official build system) except where there are dependencies. There is also an "umbrella" repository which contains a python script that can retrieve and set-up all dependencies and mo projects.
All this hopefully makes it easier for others to contribute.
The project "TanninOne/modorganizer" is actually "only" the main MO UI, the umbrella project is at https://github.com/TanninOne/modorganizer-umbrella
If you know which sub-project an issue belongs to, please post to the individual issue tracker but if in doubt, use the one in "TanninOne/modorganizer"

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