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Is it possible to permanently resize the information dialog.



My eyesight it getting bad, old age does that I hear. I rescaled the display to 125% which helps a great deal. 


The side effect is that the last few tabs on the information dialog become hidden and you either have to resize the dialog or click the tab scroll button.


Is there a way to change the default size of the information dialog and make it permanent?

It's nice to see all the tabs at once.


I just found a workaround. 


I did not know that you could change the order of the tabs. Just found that out. This does carry over after you close the dialog. 

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If you do happen to want to change the scaling on you displays but don't like the effect is has on the Skyrim menu's you can disable scaling for a given application. 


Find the executable.


Right click and select properties.

Select the compatibility tab.

Click the 'Disable display scaling on high DPI setting'


Your set

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For fellow gaming Graybeards, I'd like to personally offer a thank you for this information.  My biggest un-articulated complaint about my 1920 laptop display is text has gotten way too tiny for my aging eyes.  The graphics are beautiful, but I'm always reaching for my reading glasses whenever information dialogs pop up on the screen.


I had no idea that DPI settings could be manipulated with the compatibility tab.



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