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I'm editing several skin texture files and am using the nVidia DDS plugin for Photoshop. When importing, I'm not bringing in any of the MIP maps and am loading the DDS files at default sizing. After doing my texture edits, there are quite a few options when asked export the DDS from Photoshop. I'm curious about what the recommended settings are for the DXT compression settings for skin textures? I'm assuming these differ per the skin itself versus normal maps?


Below are examples of some of the compression settings:


DXT1 RGB 4  bpp | no alpha
DXT1 ARGB 4 bpp | 1 bit alpha
DXT3 ARGB 8 bpp | explicit alpha
DXT5 ARGB 8 bpp | interpolated alpha
DXT5_NM XY 8 bpp | using DXT5
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Following up with another post on what I've decided to do unless I hear otherwise in-case this helps out someone in the future.


I don't believe the skin textures contain any alpha's so I've just exported as "DXT1 RGB 4 bpp | no alpha" and re-generated the MIP maps.

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