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DynDOLOD texture loading



I'm not sure if this is an issue or just what is to be expected of texture loading after running DynDOLOD?


I'm noticing object textures, as well as, tree textures pop-in to view when I get relatively close to them and I'm not sure if it's normal? I'm currently on the game default of uGrids 5.


I can tell that DynDOLOD has added a lot more distant objects and animations to the game world after generating LOD using the High preset, so I'm a little confused on why I'm seeing the textures pop-in?


I've attached two pictures taken just outside Whiterun. In the first picture, while standing near the end of the bridge, I can see that I'm close enough that part of the city wall has loaded the correct wall textures from SRO, but not close enough to fully load the entire wall...and I'm guessing other textures around that same distance.


The second picture shows how much closer I have to get in order for the remaining right side of the wall to load the correct textures.


When I turn back around and walk towards the bridge, it's about the same distance that I see trees pop-in.


1) Is this normal and what I should expect?


2) Do I need to change any settings in skyrimprefs.ini? If so, then would one of the SR:LE staff mind sharing their settings? I'm pretty much running the defaults with just the additional changes recommended from following the SR:LE guide.


3) Doesn't DynDOLOD scan all of the exterior textures and use the ones, based on override order in Mod Organizer, to generate LOD textures?


4) ...or do I need to create special LODs for Skyrim Realistic Overhaul for use with DynDOLOD?


5) I thought that DynDOLOD would generate and display the LOD at distance, and then both the LOD and static texture together when you got closer? and then as you got even closer, the LOD texture would be dropped altogether leaving just the static? In this way, there really wouldn't be any pop-in of textures.


OK, well that's pretty much what's on my mind regarding this issue.




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