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Mod Organiser v1.3.10 bugs



Hi there,


I posted these issues on the nexus forum posts page for MO yesterday, and there have already been a number of other people replying to that post with the same issues, so I added it to the bug tracker and I'm posting info here as well in case it helps for others to read and confirm whether or not this is a widespread issue or not - in other words, sorry for any duplication.


For the record I have Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1, 64-bit edition, and I encountered these bugs yesterday when running the most recent version of Mod Organiser on the nexus (v1.3.10) for the first time after just downloading a clean install of Skyrim from Steam (which is itself working fine).


I have two issues:


1) At the top of the window I'm getting the message "(not logged in)".  I can confirm that when I click the globe icon it does take me to the nexus, but unless I've already logged into nexus manually it doesn't log me in there - and yes, the username and password on the MO Nexus Link page is correct.  This is apparently stopping MO from using the premium servers on nexus.


2) I cannot add any executables via the Modify Executables window within MO.  Those executables which MO detects automatically (e.g. LOOT) are being picked up fine, but whenever I try to add any executables manually (TES5Edit for example, but the same with other executables added this way as well), when I click the "Add" button nothing happens (the info I have added disappears and it goes back to the Modify Executables window without it being added).


It should be noted that I have been using MO for over six months and I'm not doing anything different now, it is just that the manual add executables function within the Modify Executables window is simply not working.


It looks like I'm going back to the last stable iteration of MO (which for me was 1.3.8) for now, and I hope this info helps you to fix v1.3.10.  I would like to end by saying a big thank you to those who have developed MO over the years as (up until these bugs I have mentioned) it has been the single best utility I have seen to help set up a stable modding configuration for Skyrim.

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Since you've already added this information to the Bug Genie it probably isn't necessary to add it here, but thank you nonetheless.


Unless I've completely missed the whole purpose of that 'Globe' icon, clicking it shouldn't log you in to Nexus with your browser regardless of the setting you have in MO. The storage of your password and account name is purely an internal feature designed to allow MO access to Nexus features from within MO, not the browser.


What you do need to do though is invoke a Nexus action from within MO's UI to trigger the account registering in MO, merely adding the details to the 'Settings' page doesn't initialise it. "Checking all for updates" will cause a small progress dialogue to appear telling you your Nexus details are active and the titlebar will change to show your account name. This will mean endorsements and download status will be updated when those actions are done using MO.

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Thanks for the quick response Grant, the fact that I didn't do anything with MO once I spotted the errors (i.e. I haven't invoked a Nexus action yet) hopefully solves issue (1), I'll check when I get home this evening.


I also saw on Bug Genie that you and a couple of others have already confirmed issue number (2), so fingers crossed that will be an easy fix now it has been identified.


Thanks again :)

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