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ILS w/Skyrim Unbound



So, let's get this out of the way:  I know Skyrim Unbound is not part of STEP and is unsupported.


I'm running a fresh STEP build, and I decided to to install Skyrim Unbound, the latest version.  Once I did that, i was unable to create a new character.  I just stayed on the loading screen and watched tool tips.  When I used ModManager to run the same mod on top of a fresh Skyrim install (Pre-Step), it loads.


Does anyone have any idea what part of STEP Unbound is conflicting with?  If it's something I can live without, I might be able to back it out.


I'm shooting for something like "You are not the Dragonborn" without the messy scripts and the abandonment.

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It was DynDOLOD.  And not just the esp - the textures.  I'd love to hear theories on why that wouldn't be compatible with Skyrim Unbound.  Something to do with the initial loading screen?


That wasn't one of the ones I was prepared to live without.

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