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Issue with Vampire Lord form



When I transform into Vampire Lord form, I can only float, I can't use any of my attacks or land on the ground. For test, I used only SKSE 1.07.03 Beta, Alternate Start - Live Another Life 3.0.4 and Mod Organizer 1.3.9. Without Mod Organizer all right. I would like to find a solution using Mod Organizer.


Update: Oh, the problem has been in the new (1.3.9) version of Mod Organizer. With 1.3.8 everything works as it should.

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There will be no reason that 1.3.9 will make any difference to those mods/plugins.

Make sure you haven't changed anything when you updated your MO to 1.3.9.

Have you ensured you have the SKSE scripts installed correctly?

Yes, SKSE scripts installed correctly.

I installed two separately versions of MO (1.3.8 and 1.3.9).

Strange... I copied my MO profile and mods folder from MO 1.3.8 to MO 1.3.9. And now with the MO 1.3.9 Vampire Lord form works correctly.

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I did it again, clean install two separately versions of MO (1.3.8 and 1.3.9).

Install SKSE scripts and Alternate Start - Live Another Life 3.0.4 through MOseparately 1.3.8 and 1.3.9.

And again, with 1.3.8 everything works as it should, but with 1.3.9 I have issue with Vampire Lord form.


Update: I finally found the cause of the issue. By default MO v.1.3.9 specifies an incorrect order of loading bsa-archives.

Skyrim - Misc.bsa
Skyrim - Shaders.bsa
Skyrim - Textures.bsa
Skyrim - Interface.bsa
Skyrim - Animations.bsa
Skyrim - Meshes.bsa
Skyrim - Sounds.bsa
Skyrim - Voices.bsa
Skyrim - VoicesExtra.bsa

Update.bsa must be at the end of the list. MO v.1.3.8 specifies correct loading order and it doesn't cause this issueMO v.1.3.9 users can fixed that issue by editing the file "archives.txt" inside their MO profile folder.


P.S.: I hope you understand me, English is not my native language.

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