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Can't find bashed patch



I'm having to rebuild my Skyrim set-up after a Windows 10 upgrade (long story) to salvage my high level save.  I think I have most of the pieces back where they used to be, but I'm having a problem with the final bashed patch.  When I run Wrye Bash (launched from within MM), it seems to go fine, asks me to activate the new bashed patch, and all looks well.


But when I close it, there is no new bashed patch in the overwrite folder.  {EDIT} But there *are* bashed patched documents (Bashed Patch, 0.txt & Bashed Patch, 0.htm). 


This is a new version on Mod Manager - it's been a while since I've needed to do this - so has something changed?  Am I missing a step where I need to confgure Wrye Bash to put the patch in the right place?



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