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Unofficial Skyrim Patch Load Order Problem



I'm working my way through STEP, doing Core and Extended.


My problem is that I've made it down to 2.N. Patches, and now I can't get the Dual Sheath Redux patcher to work because the Unofficial Skyrim Patch esp isn't loading before the other unofficial patches (Dawnguard, Dragonborn and High Resolution).  I've tried both LOOT and BOSS, and the problem persists.


Any ideas?  This is getting on my nerves, since I'm THIS close to being able to play the game.

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That hasn't fixed the issue.


Although the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp is now located immediately after Skyrim.esm and Update.esm in the Mod Organizer Plugins tab, I still get the same error when trying to run the Dual Sheath Redux patcher.


It tells me that the Unofficial Dawnguard Patch.esp requires the Unofficial Skyrim Patch.esp and that I must activate it and try again.  But, it's already active...

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So we now have a different problem. The original issue was the older MO couldn't order the latest USKP because of the large record size in the latest version. MO 1.3.8 handles those plugins correctly so USKP is now sorted in the correct order.


The patcher throwing an error about the UDP is another story.

You are running the patcher from within MO, yes? I can't make assumptions here, I have no idea of your level of MO knowledge.

You have all the latest versions of all these mods, USKP, Dual-Sheath patcher and MO?

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