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Banded Iron Armor - Engraved causing Freeze on mouseover in menus



Topic title says it all. If I mouse over "Banded Iron Armor - Engraved" in any menu, the game freezes. On the right side of the screen where there is the preview of the item you're mousing over, all the text comes up, including relevant stats, but the image preview never shows up. This happens with 100% reliability and it happens on any menu (shopkeeper, personal inventory, crafting, etc) as long as that menu shows the image preview (aka, the Smelter menu, for instance, does not crash the game when I smelt Banded Iron Armor - Engraved into Iron Ingots). I can pick up the armor (via R to Loot All without mousing over it), enemies can wear it and it looks totally fine, and I can interact with it so long as I don't mouse over the in-menu place for it. This is the only item that I've found that does this.


I am running STEP Extended, with a couple of mods removed (specifically XP32 Maximum Skeleton, Visible Windows, Dual Sheath Redux, Fores, & DDOLODS), the World Improvements portion of A Real Explorer's Guide to Skyrim (plus the REGS compatibility patch, appropriately configured), and finally, Live Another Life and Khajiit Speak. Instal order is identical to the install order for STEP Extended followed by install order of REGS followed by LAL and KS. Load order is LOOT approved with the appropriate meta rules for both STEP and REGS. My machine has 8GB of RAM, a nVidea 980, and i5 Ivy Bridge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. This is my first time post here asking for help, so if I messed something up in my post or if you need more info, just yell at me. I'll get it fixed in a jiffy. :)


Thanks in advance!

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