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How to fix SPERG overwriting perkus maximus?



I am currently using the Mod Organizer and i wanted to play character who is mage that dosent use magicka. To do so i wanted to use animated weapons,staves,scrolls, and that sort of thing. Perkus Maximus is great but it dosent offer leveling from Staves as such i want to use SPERG but not the perks from SPERG. I have tried to move the load order of SPERG so that PERMA overwrites it but that did nothing. So i attempt to change priority on plugins as well but SPERG.esm (the esp file is fine though) is bolded and i cant move it past the other bolded mods like the unofficial patches. What can i do to fix this? i heard something about fixing the conflicts on the left menu of mod organizer but It says there Isnt a conflict between the 2 mods


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Mods flagged as masters (typically mods with an esm extension, although they may have an esp extension like the Unofficial Skyrim patches) are always sorted at the top of the list above non-master mods. This is intentional behavior and I don't think you can change it.

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