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Perkus Maximus patcher stuck at black screen



So it went at 100%, I left it running for three hours (I think) and sometime around where it was assigning spells to magic schools and what not (I don't have any other mod that modifies magic other then Empowered Magic), when I pulled up the Java box and it's all black now. I was playing Dark Souls II earlier minimized and when I alt-tabbed to see it it became like that, is this normal and should I still leave it to run or should I try to exit it and restart the whole thing again?


It's been black for around thirty minutes now.

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Although I don't have PerMa installed or use its patcher, the same thing applies with all proccer style tools. They are all very memory intensive and I would advise against doing anything with your computer while the patcher is running. Alt-tabbing out to play another game is asking for trouble in my view.


End result, run it again.


Also I am assuming you are running it through MO, since this is where you posted it, be sure to have all the correct memory settings in place to allow it to use as much as it needs.

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