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Completely slain after not playing Skyrim for 9 months



Hey guys,


first of all i hope you can be a bit patient with me please. I know that there are a lot of guides and STEP try to help als good as they can, but to be honest, atm i am totally confused because of so much changings.


I played Skyrim after the relaese and used to mod it a bit. But right now i really dont know where to start. As i modded i only used NMM and nothing else. So for me its really complicated to understand everything.


First of all i reinstalled skyrim and don´t know the settings of my old 2 ini´s. So i can´t say which ugrid i used for my last safegame :( I tried to open my safegame yesterday but i had a CTD. How can i make the safegames work again?


And than there are Programs like BOSS, Wyre or SKSE.


My Problem is, i just want to change some stuff ingame and dont become a coder ;) So i tried to follow the complete STEP 2 Guide but in the end it failed and i only have CTD at all.


Can may some one of you nice guys please help me out step by step at the beginning? That would help me a lot instead of reading all the tutorial stuff. Also i am a german guy and sometimes may dont understand every sentence in the right way what it makes it more complicated than help ;)


My first question is related to my safegame and the second to this 3 programs i honestly dont understand at the moment.







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Hey there. There's a Wiki related to STEP mods, installing them and trouble shooting: https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Skyrim_Installation#tab=Mods


Specifically, this one relates to mods and savegames: https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:Troubleshooting#tab=Mods_and_Savegames


But, as Fri said, making your savegame from way back work with the current mod configurations might be, tedious, at best.

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Ok, one last question. For me it seems sometimes a bit confusing, reading the PDF Guide of Step, than getting the information i should read the wiki, so i am jumping most of the time between different tutorials and sheets.


Can may someone write me down in a real short way what is the correct order installing the mods/programs and other stuff?


For example i "installed SKSE" yesterday and copied the dll files to my skyrim directory, nothing else. Than i found a youtube video where the moderator told that you have to make a rar or zip file which you should activate in the NMM. This step i made after i installed all mods because i thought i installed it correct.


You see :( I am very confused about jumping between the pdf file and wiki guides and other informations :(

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You don't need to make the rar thinghy (damn that's why i install things by hand :P) just extract the files manually in your skyrim main folder.


We are reorganizing STEP, in next version things will be much clearer and steamlined, so you may want to wait the new version (coming this month) in order to mod your game with STEP. Unless some volonterous here on the forum is going to write a sneek-peek ;P

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While Wrye Bash can have a bit of a learning curve, it can give you a lot of insight into what and how your mods are interacting with one another. Another aspect of it also keeps track of what mods were active during your save games. The German translation is a bit old. But it may give you a basic understanding. I'm not German, so I don't know how good it is. I wouldn't worry about the bashed patch stuff, most of it doesn't apply to Skyrim yet.

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