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Crashing After Choosing Destiny @ Start/Entering Helgen Keep





I really am enjoying going through this guide, there is a satisfaction involved with performing a  100% solid  modded setup of any bethesda game... It's really addictive.


Regarding my issue though, I'm around 150 mods in  and after trying to test the game, I've been unable to leave the Alternate Start prison or (if playing without that mod) enter Helgen Keep (during the vanilla intro of the game). There will be no loading screen, just a prompt CTD.


TES5Edit isn't telling me of any missing masters or what-have-you and as far as I can tell, I'm not missing any masters.


Assuming this is something that's quite common and has been easily remedied in the past (just that the remedy has been lost to the countless threads here, lol), how do I fix this?! It's stagnated my progress through the guide. :(


Thanks in advance.


Update: Fixed it. I made the mistake of copying the entire directory of Vividian into the ENB manager lol. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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