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Mod Organizer & BodySlide, Errors


I'm getting this error when I attempt to run BodySlide from inside ModOrganiser.


I followed the install instructions in the description of the BodySlide mod, and this YouTube video and both result in the same error occurring.


In the screenshot it was impossible to expand the details section of the error displayed at the top, but this is all that it contained.

Cannot enumerate files 'C:\res\BodyslideFrame.xrc' (error 2: the system cannot find the file specified.)

Cannot load resources from 'file:/C%3a/res/BodyslideFrame.xrc'.

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    • By Marou
      I scoured the Internets to no avail before asking this question here.  I've run a successful mod organizer install for months in Skyrim.  In the process I've used many different mods (including vanilla armor re-placers) that I've removed.  I don't know where in my real system these Bodyslide generated meshes are stored, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to remove them.  I can see them in the VFS under the Data tab on the right panel of MO.  I'm just not sure where they are stored or coming from.  They are not present in the overwrite folder and the mods that put the armor/clothing nifs there are long gone.
    • By delpi
      I have the latest Bodyslide installed and setup in MO as the tutorial videos say.
      On my first PC i did this all on the same drive as Skyrim.
      On my second PC, i have MO on a seperate Hard Drive due to space limitations.
      When i try to run Bodyslide, i get the following:
      Cannot load resources from 'file:/C%3a/rs/BodslideFrame.xrc'
      Anyone know how to fix this?
    • By Milo37
      I've just started using MO and everything is working perfectly. It was a little bit difficult figuring out how to transfer the mods from NMM to MO and learning the new system, and now there's one thing I'm having trouble figuring out.
      You see, I'm using the Succubus custom race (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/22903/?) and Bodyslide, but the SUccubus race uses a separate meshes in it's own folder.
      It weren't really a problem with NMM, I simply copied the files created with Bodyslide into the Succubus folder, but with MO I can't find them. The new bodies aren't in skyrim/data/meshes nor the override folder, so here comes my question: Where are they?
      Any help will be welcome, also how to maybe create a new sliderset for the separate folder.
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