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Removing meshes created with Bodyslide through Mod Organizer



I scoured the Internets to no avail before asking this question here.  I've run a successful mod organizer install for months in Skyrim.  In the process I've used many different mods (including vanilla armor re-placers) that I've removed.  I don't know where in my real system these Bodyslide generated meshes are stored, so I'm at a bit of a loss as to how to remove them.  I can see them in the VFS under the Data tab on the right panel of MO.  I'm just not sure where they are stored or coming from.  They are not present in the overwrite folder and the mods that put the armor/clothing nifs there are long gone.

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Welcome to STEP @Marou


When you examine the 'Data' tab, the name of the providing mod is shown in the column named "Mod". Or, if the name is shown in red, just mouseover the name of the mod and the tooltip will tell you any other mods that also provide those files.


General rule of MO is: if the file exists in the VFS when a tool is run, such as Bodyslide, FNIS, xEdit, etc., that file is edited and is found in the providing mod. If a new file is created then those files will be found in "Overwrite" where you can do what you wish with them, usually create a mod from it.

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