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Fast travel texture bug?


I've had a really odd bug-type thing happening for a long while and I think I know the cause but I can't find anything on the internet that corroborates my theory or that has any explanation at all really. Basically, when I fast travel, more than half the time the place I show up in will have massive texture issues. This can take the form of strobe-light effect texture shimmering (particularly on water) to weird missing textures on rocks. 


Here is a video I found back when I was scouring the internet for a cause and fix, which shows exactly what can happen to the water. I sometimes also get this with the sides of buildings:



And here is a picture of what can sometimes happen with the textures when they're not flickering:




The thing is, it only happens when I fast travel. Not when I use the carts, and not when I'm traveling on foot or horse. If it happens and I then fast travel out of the area and then walk back in to the previously affected area, the issue is usually gone. Since I don't actually do any fast traveling in normal game play, only when I'm testing mods, it's not a tragedy or anything although I really would like to figure out the cause and if there's any fix.


Is this a vanilla bug? Because it does it on a vanilla setup, too. With a vanilla setup it happens mostly with the water, not the buildings and missing/messed up non-flickering textures. However as I don't actually have very many hours into a playthrough yet (unbelievably after 4 months of having this game I am playing "modding skyrim" far more than the actual game) I'm a little worried that I'm going to get however many hours in and all of a sudden this issue is going to crop up and ruin my game. I hate it when I can't figure something out >:-(


Have any of you heard of or seen this before? Any ideas?

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Well, the "things not rendering fast enough" would explain the weird mountain texture, but not the strobe-effect water and buildings. Check the video I linked.

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