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Dual Sheath Redux Patch.jar


OK so the video by gamer poet instructs me to click on Dual Sheath Redux Patch.jar ( right pane....data-sky procs ) and add it as executable. did that. then it says choose it and hit run. did that. Mod Organizer tells me it doesn't know what a .jar file is and 7z opens instead. So I cannot run the patcher. I searched the file for an exe but cannot locate any that might be the patcher. What can I do??? ....actually it is win.rar that opens instead of the patcher. When I checked the binary path in the modify executables tab ( left pane), sure enough the path was to win.rar NOT the Dual Sheath Redux Patch.jar I added as executable in the other (right) pane. Since then I searched my machine for java (which I know I installed before ) and could not find any java anywhere. I did not get a notification about the java patch or anything, probably couyld not get that far past the . jar format. Am thinking the binary needs to lead to java, oh crap...now I can't remember why I think that .... HELP PEASE......wow ...every time I finally get my post worded correctly I figure out what was wrong and don't know how to delete the post. aw crap.

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Let's make sure that Java 32bit is installed:

1. If Java is also enabled in your browser, simply go to this website to verify your installation:


2. If Java is disabled in your browser (as it is in mine), that won't work. Instead, go to the command prompt (cmd) and type

java -version


In case you don't know how to open the command prompt window:


Click the Start button. In the Search box, type




A "cmd.exe" will be your search result, click it with your left mouse button (you don't need administrator privileges in this case). A small window will appear. Type


java -version


and hit "enter".

3. If this fails, you'll likely have no Java installed or the installation has been damaged and isn't recognized any longer by your OS. Still, you might want to check if Java was installed, so .. [the next steps may vary depending on your windows version]

a. Go to Start
b. Click "Control Panel"
c. Click "Programs and Features"

If you don't find Java from the Oracle Corporation, it's definitely not on your system. If you find one, something is wrong with the installation. Try to deinstall it. A nice tool to make sure that Java is deinstalled properly and a new one easily installed can be found here:




But you don't really need it. Just ..


4. Go to:


and download the version that fits your OS. But don't choose a 64bit version, Mod Organizer needs the 32bit executable.

5. A few people have reported problems with the current version 8 while using it with some patchers. You should still install it first because of some security issues with version 7. But if version 8 should not work properly, deinstall it and get Java 7.

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