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Hi everyone,


I'm trying to compile a basic manual load order I can use to make sure I can correct whatever LOOT throws at me. Unfortunately, I lost several bookmarks on good load order methodology and can't seem to find my way back to them through the internet. I risked this being a very obvious question, but it's been surprising for me to find that there's some opinion on this and there has been some difficulty getting definitive answers. Hopefully these are obvious places I just didn't notice researching everything else for this game. Thank you again a million times!



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The basic rule of load order is: if you don't trust what LOOT gives you, check it in xEdit and see if there are conflicts.


There are simply too many variables to be able to provide a definitive list of what should be before what else, that's why even with all the reports to LOOT and the constantly updated 'masterlist.yaml', there is still a need to make your edits which end up in your own 'userlist.yaml'.

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