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SKSE folder continually being generated in Overwrite



I know this has been asked before so my apologies for posting but I looked for a thread on the subject but coulnd't find it.


So what's the best practice as far as the SKSE folder that is continually generated in the MO Overwrite folder...delete it every time?



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The Skyrim Script Extender mod in MO should typically have two folders: scripts and SKSE. SKSE.ini is inside the SKSE folder. Other mods like Smart Souls will later install files into the SKSE\Plugins folder. It's suggested that when you create SKSE.ini that you use an editor like Notepad++ that doesn't change or add to the file extension, or at least make sure that the file extension isn't modified by the editor when it saves the file (some editors do this with text files). SKSE.ini.txt is not a valid initialization file; ".txt" needs to be removed.

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If you are getting the SKSE folder being created in the overwrite folder then I would say you haven't installed it correctly in the first place.


According to the best case method, the executables from the SKSE archive are installed into Skyrim's folder and the scripts are installed via MO's install method. Any SKSE plugin that creates an ini or log file needs to have those files drag/dropped into their respective folder so they are updated as needed. Nothing should be created new in the overwrite folder for SKSE after starting Skyrim.

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To be specific, the contents taht are created in my overwrite folder every time I play has the following structure:




>>Smart Souls.ini

>>SKSE Elys AltF4.log

>>Fuz Ro D'oh.ini


So maybe it's not my SKSE install that was off, but the install of those three mods?



To create the SKSE followed the STEP instructions: 


put skse loader, steamloader.dll and skse 1_9_32 are in the main Skyrim folder


I then created the SKSE mod for MO via these steps:


  1. Install skse scripts into Mod Organizer.
    • Click the Archive Archive_MO.png button.
    • Browse to and select the downloaded skse archive.
    • In the manual installation prompt, right-click data and select Set data directory. It should say it Looks good, and not say No game data at top level.
    • Click OK



And then created the skse.ini with these settings:







I rewatched the tutorial vid and confirmed that my approach matches the one there.


SKSE 1 07 02 is the first mod in MO, above the Distant Decal Fix.


One thing I notice is that in the Filetree tab for SKSE in MO, that the SKSE.ini that I created in the SKSE folder is SKSE.ini.txt. I don't know if that's significant.

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Thanks Kelmych, I renamed so that its SKSE.ini.



I noted that there is no SKSE plugins folder within the main SKSE folder, maybe b/c the actual name of my SKSE mod folder is skse 1 07 02. Renaming it to SKSE and I will move the Plugins folder that's in MO overwrite to the SKSE folder.

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