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I made it through SRLE fairly smoothly, and have moved on to adding REGS on top of it.


I'm only about 1/3rd of the way down the list and already I can see this might be a problem. Firstly, the included REGS BOSS userlist file doesn't pick up on most of the .esps added so far (Already have 22 unrecognised plugins). Secondly, the amount of added .esps is huge, 15+ between ETAC and Farmhouse Chimneys alone, and the REGS guide says nothing about merging these .esps, a thing i'm hesitant to do without knowing what is safe to merge. 


I would assume that I could merge all the ETAC patches and fixes together, and the same could apply for the Farmhouse Chimneys .esps, although i'm not sure at all about this. If I had merged plugins I could probably manually adjust my load order, which would solve the BOSS problem. 


Edit. Posted into the REGS thread instead. Probably should have done that instead. 

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