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Not directly STEP related: ELFX problems and another minor issue


Hi all!


So I've just installed ELFX, because RLO is way too cozy and warm, and I know not of any other lighting mods. However, it doesn't seem to do anything, which leads me to believe that I've installed it wrong, although it seems pretty straightforward. I've tried reinstalling it a couple of times, which was futile. I don't use any other mods that change light or lighting, not do I use ENB.

If any of you know of this mod, I choose the "Exterior" option and the "no candle smoke" option during all 3 installation tries. I installed the DG, DB and SMIM patch, in that order. Btw, it's been a while since I've updated any of my mods, so my SMIM is not up-to-date, but I can't believe that the SMIM patch not matching SMIM should cause the entire mod to malfunction. 


Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Now the minor issue, is something I might think is a cursor problem, or a Vsync problem. When I look from an upward or downward angle (as in, I push my mouse forward, or pull it back), I start getting this "stutter". It's not real stutter, nor lag, but it has more or less the same effect. It's like a little annoying imp is pushing on the edge of my screen.





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