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Followed STEP guide, Several issue I cannot seem to solved. CTD, Invisible Textures


So for the past 2 days I followed the STEP guide, to the letter, and also installed the Pack:Weather and lighting mod. Game launches fine, but i have 2 problems.


First problem, is if I do not have bFloatPointRenderTarget = 1 ENB works fine for a NEW Game, but Skyrim Crashes to Desktop in the intro sequence , around when I try to enter Helgen Keep(With Either The imps or Stormcloaks.) or when I try to load a savedgame(like the autosave after I create a new character,) it crashes to desktop on load.


But if I set it to bFloatPointRenderTarget = 0, the game runs fine, so far, BUT the ENB now does not work.


Please, what the heck? I am getting incredibly frustrated.


I had a fresh install of Skyrim. I followed STEP 2.2.9 to the letter. LOOT says zero issues, bash patch is created.


RealVision Is my ENB.


My drivers are up to date, and my system specs are;


i7 4790k


16 Gigs DDR3


Im not sure how to show my load order, but I am using Mod Organizer.


I really really would appreciate help on this.

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