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Post your modlist as well as VRAM usage? (And a favour of 970 owners)



I've been on the edge of getting a 970, but I'm worried about the 3.5GB issue. Since I game at 1080p I know it shouldn't affect me in other games, but I'm worried about Skyrim...


I mainly use 2K Textures and 1K, a grass mod, and an ENB(My favourites being Tranquility EXFX and Serenity EXFX). I'm not exactly worried about FPS dropping, but stuttering that is reported, if those with 970s would be gracious enough to post their modlist(not load order) and maybe a few screens. VRAM usage and if they have stuttering over 3.5GB, I'd be most grateful.

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If you only demand 1080p and only 2k textures there wont be a problem unless you go to higher ugrid settings... at which point it would be more likely to be a CPU bottleneck that cause stutters anyways. 


Also the 3.5Gb issue is not related to VRAM only RAM. 


The only issue with the 970 is people who bought it for 1440p+ playing with the expectation that it had 4Gb of full speed memory. At only 1080p then the worst you should expect assuming you do not have a CPU bottleneck, is a bit of popin here and there which is almost unavoidable even in the best of cases. 

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