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Mod organizer won't let me add Skyrim Reproccer as executable



I downloaded all the necessary mods needed to get Skyre going (the reproccer, the reproccer compatibility patches, Weapons and armor fixes mod, the community uncapper, java runtime environment.) I was able to install each one just fine until I got to the reproccer. I download it, double click to install, scroll down in the data tab to find the skyproc patchers, then try to add the reproccer.jar as an executable. However, once I do that a window pops up where I have to search for the jar file itself. All other videos I've watched showing how to install the reproccer with MO show that when they click to add it as executable the program simply asks what they want to name it and they can run it perfectly fine. Some videos also show them going into the modify executable window and show that the reproccer has the right binary, start in location, and arguments. I can't get any of that, I've even tried putting in the binary, start in location, and arguments things manually based off of what I saw in the videos and I still got nothing. What am I doing wrong? Am I even doing anything wrong at all? Does the MO program hate me and I'm now cursed to never get this reproccer working. Or did i simply overlook something that's been right in front of my face the whole dang time. (probably the latter) I'm tired of pulling my hair out trying to get this to work so any help would be greatly appreciated. I've also included screen captures to give a visual representations of what I am getting at, if it's even needed of course.    



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Is your MO installation an updated version, where you installed 1.2.18 over your existing earlier versions?

That dialog box does not appear correct to me. 1.2.18 should show the 'Binary' filter selector as: (Executable *.exe, *.bat, *.jar) not as you see it: (Binary *.exe)


I suggest backing up your profiles, downloads & mods folders and removing that installation and installing the 1.2.18 full archive install.

The way you have described adding Proccer tools is correct and something is amiss.

Perhaps you have been cursed?  :woot:

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MO is the 1.2.18 version for sure, is there multiple downloads for it or something? is it possible I downloaded it wrong? When I downloaded MO from the nexus I only grabbed the MO from the main files section. should I also grab the updates thing too, if thats the case then i feel kinda stupid lol

Edit: yeah I downloaded the Update version below the main files on the nexus. Still having the same issue. I extracted the update version into the MO folder and overwrote each file. I think i am cursed. I really dont want to have to go back to Nexus mod manager.  

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No the 'full manual-installation archive' is the one you want, just to ensure no remnants of a previous install are left.


Easiest thing to do is delete every file and folder except those I mentioned above and extract the archive into the existing ModOrganizer folder.

The install archive has no files/folders in it that could override existing personal files/folders so only the actual program is updated.


I'm really looking at where that dialog comes from. Just before you do what I suggest, can you change that dropdown selector to show 'All files'? That way you could assign the *.jar even though it isn't an *.exe.

Or if you feel comfortable editing the ini manually, open it in a text editor and add the details by hand. It will look something like this:

9\binary=C:/Program Files (x86)/Java/jre7/bin/javaw.exe
9\arguments=-jar \"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Mod Organizer\\mods\\ReProccer - Automated SkyRe patch generator\\SkyProc Patchers\\T3nd0_ReProccer\\ReProccer.jar\" -noboss
9\workingDirectory=C:/Program Files (x86)/Mod Organizer/mods/ReProccer - Automated SkyRe patch generator/SkyProc Patchers/T3nd0_ReProccer

That way, if everything else about your install is working fine, you can get straight into game play and not be hassled with error fixing.

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I uninstalled everything but kept my mods and profiles backed up. got everything back just fine but i'm still getting the same thing. As for the drop down menu, no the only option I have is just the one. Binary(*exe). Lastly, for the adding the details by hand to the ini files, also a no go. Reproccer does show up now but when I click run i get an error message saying the directory name was invalid. when i click run i get this: failed to spawn "javaw.exe": failed to start process (The directory name is invalid [267])

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I know I'm necroing a thread, but in case others have this same issue, I have a solution:
Don't copy-paste the destinations. Actually click the browse button and browse to them. 
You can copy in the Argument but not the start-in location. It kept replacing itself with the argument when I did, even if I deleted the -jar"" bits afterward. I clicked browse and went to the folder manually, and ASIS patcher started working.
Hope this helps someone.

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