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  1. I know I'm necroing a thread, but in case others have this same issue, I have a solution: Don't copy-paste the destinations. Actually click the browse button and browse to them. You can copy in the Argument but not the start-in location. It kept replacing itself with the argument when I did, even if I deleted the -jar"" bits afterward. I clicked browse and went to the folder manually, and ASIS patcher started working. Hope this helps someone.
  2. I'm well aware of that. I'm not a new modder by any stretch of the imagination, and I've installed Step at least half a dozen times... I just saw a hole in instruction there where there needed to be a simple addition, and since it's a community project, I thought it was important to point it out. I'm a seasoned modder, and I got lost at that point. So maybe it needs to be added. I wasn't expecting this kind of response. I wouldn't say this is hand-holding level either. Just make sure to activate the plugins is a simple add that would solve the entire question. I think it's because they're unmanaged that leaves it questionable. Regardless, if this kind of help isn't accepted here, I'll just mind my own business. :c
  3. *Until* the end of the guide? As in, I check the Have MO Manager Archives box at the end of the guide? And okay, someone should update that guide page to say "check the boxes" because they came out unchecked initially.
  4. So, I'm installing STEP Core on my and my wife's pcs simultaneously and one issue I've run into so far is a lack of instruction regarding the requisition and use of HighRes Texture Pack (the official DLC). So I'm hoping to answer this question for my own use, and hopefully prompt an update of the detailed instructions page for this part of the guide to help future installations. The issues: 1. It does not tell you how to acquire the pack in the first place. Yes, you go to Steam, but on both our computers, we ran into an issue where the files didn't download. Suggest: Add mention that if your files do not start downloading immediately, go to TESV in your Steam Library, click detail view, roll down to DLC, then Uncheck and Recheck the HighRes Texture Packs in your DLC list. It should prompt the download. (It did in both cases on my computers.) 2. After the download is complete, tell me what to do besides ordering them in the left pane of MO. DO I check the Plugins? Do I check the Archives? This is totally unsaid and leaves me questioning everything. I hope this will be answered for me and others. I also hope it helps the STEP project to point out such missing information. Many thanks to all involved in the STEP project. <3
  5. So I'm following the instructions here to merge patches: https://wiki.step-project.com/Merging_Patches_with_TES5Edit And doing everything EXACTLY as it says, I'm running into an issue where the first patch adds itself as a master to the merged patch, so instead of having a merged patch with three DLC patches for UFO, I'm left with a merged patch with two DLC patches for UFO that still has the first DLC patch I used to create it as a master. So I'm running UFO, UFO DG, UFO DB, and UFO HF. I go to merge them in TES5Edit per instructions, starting with UFO DG since it's the first patch on the list. I Deep copy as override into a New file (UFO DLC Patches) and then repeat and add UFO DB and UFO HF into the same file. I save the mod, turn it on, move the UFO DG, DB, and HF esps to optional in UFO... and the new patch I created (UFO DLC Patches) says "missing master, UFO DG". So what's going wrong here? I thought the point was to make those three patches into ONE patch, not then also need to keep the first one turned on separately?
  6. Enblocal settings as per request: Oh gosh yes the ENB seems to be the problem. Took out that dll and soooo smooth! I can't believe how much better. What values do I fix in the base inis to put AA and such back? AF?
  7. Yes, my ILO started working when I extracted a few BSAs so I guess that was it.
  8. On NMC I overwrote, so I don't think that's valid? I kept a backup copy to see that it works, but I'm still testing before I delete that. That said, I figured out what was causing all the crashes. It was Zan's Autopurge Anticrash amusingly. >_< So that got ticked off and now I'm back to how it was before. Stutters less, lags less, crashes less. Still lags more than I'd like. Hard to make split-second moments count. I stepped up to a landmine in Nipton that I might have thought quick and disarmed but my screen froze for a few beats and when I came back it'd blown up already. I'm down to like 117 plugins after merging, so I doubt it's just the plugin limit. I just optimized a bunch of textures, so not sure it's that. At this point, I dunno why it's still so laggy.
  9. Oh fff. The new textures were at the bottom of my list. FIXED> >_<
  10. Hm. I got the vanilla and NMC textures done. I noticed after the NMC ones were put in that my bodies have lost their proper textures. Roberts has black bars again and the girl is messed up. I didn't add any bsas, I just overwrote the NMC files and it was textures only. That's the only mod I optimized. So the vanilla should not be affecting this because the mods I use overwrite vanilla... Any idea what I should do?
  11. Ah i found it. You check them in the Mod Organizer left panel. I hadn't opened MO again because I didn't know what to do with it yet. When I did, I noticed one of my mod files... The guide should probably mention this too. :)
  12. I copied NMC Texture mod into the Mod Extracted folder, ran the 4 bat and it put all the mesh files into Mod Optimized and the Texture files into Mod TMP. So I ran DDSOPT on the texture files. I don't understand what I do with the vanilla files that were moved to MO/mods tho.How do they become the textures used?
  13. Okay I'm trying hard to follow along in this guide, but I'm getting confused. It says Mods that should be extracted. Then it lists NMC's Texture Pack. NMC's doesn't have a bsa that I can find.How do I get NMC's files into the Mod Extracted folder? Am I just supposed to copy them over?Also, at the end of the DDSOPT guide it says I can move the folders into the Mod Organizer/mods folder. How do I then get them to be used by mod organizer? Do I not have to somehow tell Mod Organizer to layer them over the base game? I'm lost there.
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