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Receive Log error after this Steam update 2/20/15




Recently (after two or three weeks) went back to playing Skyrim and found that Steam has an update that interefe something in MO and / or Skyrim. 

I had to realize that procedure (create a .txt file named "process_blacklist.txt") when I opened the MO because he was not starting. Now also realized that I am having several CTD's where the log points to this: 

stack: (FF0015F6) Object Reference.Push Actor Away () -. "<Native>" Line? effect on 1 (00034811) WB_Jolt_Script.On Update () -. "WB_Jolt_Script.psc" Line 45 - 09:18:11 AM ERROR: (00034811): can not be pushed back, it is not in high process. 
(PS: I do not mean the log is derived from having performed this procedure, but occurs after updating Steam)

Virtually all scripts are with this problem and I don't know what I do. I have not done any recent change in the game and never received this kind of message before in the log "can not be pushed back, it is not in high process". Could someone please help me to discover what type is this error/warning?

Every time I play Skyrim this error occur 

This begin to occur after the Steam update related in the MO issues 

I have several mods but what ferequently generate error/warning report is Familiar Faces; must be because he has to update the characters in the world
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