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The Break of Dawn glitch



After talking with Meridia in the sky and we begin our decent, as usual the screen starts to turn white.  But as soon as I hit the ground, the screen proceeds to stay completely white. I'm not sure what's causing this as I've done research and can't find any info specific to this particular glitch.  Has anyone else experienced this using STEP 2.2?  I'd upload a pic, but I'm sure everyone here knows what a completely white screen looks like. ;)

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I just did Meridia's Beacon Quest yesterday and got a CTD midway through it but after reloading I was able to finish the quest just fine. I haven't seen your issue before though.

I have a save right before placing the beacon.  I would try and load it over and over trying different things such as not skipping the dialogue, or running away from Meridia in the sky before falling.  Nothing has worked yet.  Guess I'll try a few more things and report back.

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