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Usage of CORE in SR LE?

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Ok... something is not clear to me after spending probably 40 hours looking about the STEP packs/and site... I have spent the hours working through the STEP process... and have a fresh install of STEP CORE on my system.


I am ready to install the SRLE setup... do I make a copy of the CORE setup in MO and modify from there....or heaven help me... is SRLE its own individual install?


If this IS the case... something of this in the header would be helpful... because I am looking at SRLE as an addon pack.


Thanks for the input, and for the work put into these setups. I have newfound respect for the time required to run a stable game and tweak the details.






*please call Tocatta or Ceri... I have been bitten by a snake in the grass...




Looks like this answers my questions. Apologies for the redundant post. Apparently I am using the incorrect search keywords.

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