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3d Vision Helix + EnbOost + SweetFx


Hi, after some testing and trying of differents combinations of theses 3 externals patchs, I found the good way to make all of theses work together.
There is still somes possibility to improve this (3d crosshair) with the 3d vision complete compatibility project, but I didn't tryed yet, and it don't change the process I will describe here.
I didn't try full use of an ENB, I've read many times it don't work, and it's not recommended to use it, because it's a too big performance lost, so no regrets, SweetFx is a great remplacement at no cost.
Helix 3d vision patch :
EnbOost : 
SweetFx :
Read carefuly install instructions, and read STEP guide about Enboost installation : https://wiki.step-project.com/Guide:ENB#ENBoost_Installation_and_Configuration
Read how to use SweetFx great improvments (DPX, VIBRANCE, CURVES, DITHER).
Now install it like this in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim
1 - Install Helix files in the Skyrim directory
Copy-Paste ShaderOverride directory
Copy-Paste d3d9.dll and DX9Settings.ini
2 - Install EnbOost files in the Skyrim directory
Copy-Paste enbhost.exe
Copy-Paste enblocal.ini
Rename d3d9.dll from EnbOost in d3d9_Enb.dll, and copy-paste in skyrim directory.
3 - Install SweetFx files in the Skyrim directory
Copy-Paste all files and directorys from SweetFx in skyrim directory except d3d9.dll.
Rename d3d9.dll from SweetFx in d3d9dx.dll, and copy-past it in skyrim directory.
Now, you have to edit the .ini files in this order if you want it work well :
Open DX9Settings.ini and add this line in [General] section :
ProxyLib = C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\d3d9_Enb.dll 
Open enblocal.ini and modify the first lines like this :
ProxyLibrary=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\d3d9fx.dll
I've tryed differents order of proxyLib calls, but it don't work. Maybe, I forget some combinations, so Tell me if you success to made it work in another way.
Normaly, it's possible to add more than one library in DX9Settings.ini, but I didn't success to call both Enboost and SweetFx like this. It's why Helix patch first call Enboost, and then Enboost call SweetFx.
Now, the main problem is performances. 3d vision pump quickly all ressources.
So you should do :
- No AntiAliasing (Nvidia profile or Skyrim game).
- No Ambient occlusion.
- In SweetFx : No HDR, No Bloom.
You can do without many FPS lost :
- FXAA skyrim game.
- Anisotrop Filtering : x16.
It's performant, so down to x8 is not very significative.
I don't know what is better : AF from nVidia or AF from Skyrim (tell me if you know it).
- SweetFx SMAA (SweetFX_settings.txt).
#define SMAA_THRESHOLD         0.10 // (up to 0.12 or 0.15 for better performance).
#define SMAA_MAX_SEARCH_STEPS  32 // (down to 16 for better performance).     
#define SMAA_MAX_SEARCH_STEPS_DIAG 8 // (down to 6 for better performance).
SMAA is extremely performant, so you can also increase quality without a big performance lost, experiment it.
Game Options :
Of course, don't use Ultra, reduce all you can. Target performances over quality. Read differents guides about Options, what cost FPS, what you don't really need, what you should really keep even at cost of some FPS.
If you see something wrong with 3d vision ingame, try to write this in SkyrimPrefs.ini :
Don't use crazy tweaks and keep defaut uGrid=5.
EVEN with all of this, I get many slutering and FPS losts with 3d vision. My PC is I7 4core multithread, GTX970 gygabite overclocked 4go, 16go RAM.
And I need some advices.

- Should I use TES5Edit to make compression in all Mods of STEP installation, or theses mods are already optimised ?

- How should I do my Enboost configuration ?
For now I choosed this :
- In [ENGINE], I'm not sure if I have to choose
Because in NVidia panel there is already Adaptative vSync, and 3d vision do vSync by itself (Well, I'm not sure but I read something about this).
So I don't know if there could be some conflicts.
- I don't know if, with 3d vision, game get more performance with Real Fullscreen, or with Windowed borderless.
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