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REGS 3dNPC ETAC issue?

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I don't know how to categorize this problem.  It's new to me and I have never read about it on STEP at all.  


I'm able to enter Falkreath with 3dNPC character Anum-La to inquire about a quest/noble in town.  As I move deeper into town I suddenly can't move in any direction.  I can turn my head but it's like my legs are locked.  Can't jump or sneak either.  It's in more than one spot as I also entered from the south too.  HOWEVER when I tell Anum-La to wait outside of Falkreath I'm able to move around town with no issues.  


I'm using 3dNPC 3.08 and the latest ETAC (3.02?).  I have Moonpath installed also.  Could it be an issue between 3dNPC and ETAC?  Could it be due to the vast amount of moving parts in 3dNPC that there's SOME patching needed involving the characters and thier quests ?  If I have to abandon the quest/character so be it but I wonder WTH is going on ?  lol  

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