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Bashed patch and translation project


I have almost done the entire Extended Step Guide but I stopped just before doing the bashed patch.
Indeed, I have several questions about translating mods and the bashep patch.
My project is to translate all the mods that modify my game from French to English with this tool : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/29457/? 
I was planning to translate mod per mod when I have free time and to replace esp/espm/bsa with the translated ones.
For example, with Unofficial Skyrim Patch :
USP.esp 0% translated
Start my new game, play for 4 hours
ESP.esp 10% translated
Continue my 4 hours gameplay during 2 hours
USP.esp 20% translated
Continue my 6 hours gameplay
1) Is it possible to do this without any problems ?
For example, if I started a quest which is in English and completed it after I translated it there will be no issues ?
Or do I have to translate all the mods at 100% before starting my new game ?
2) From what I understand from the bashed patch, its role is to reduced the number of charged .esp by Skyrim.
But does it merge all the esp of the concerned mods ?
For example does 01.esp, 02.esp and 03.esp informations are all merged into bashed patch.esp ?

Moreover, is it better to translate all the mods esps or only the bashed patch esp ?

If I use the bashed patch, do I have to translate all the mods at 100% before doing or can I have replace the translated esp like above (10% then 20% ect...)
I hope I'm clear enough with my explanations :)
Sorry for the big post...
Since I have passed a lot of time to mod my game and lots is coming for the translation, I don't want to restart all :)
Thank you for your help !

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