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Question about updating?

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Was reading over Crushboss's guide and saw some interesting suggestions. One that I have kept in the back of my head for a while but mainly ignored because of my OCD (not really, don't feel bad :;): ) is that you should not update mods to newest version while playing because there is a good chance you can break your saves. Now because you are amazing at updating the guide, I read it daily and upgrade mods with you as I'm sure many others do. Do you follow this practice yourself Neov as it seems like it. And if yes, have you had broken saves or do you have a protocol for protecting yourself?


Looking forward to your suggestions on how to run PerMa if you have plans to do so. I know we have a few months before the patches are out and things settle a bit, but curious to see your 'refined approach' on how to set it up with the patcher and load order. I learn a lot from your guides and your guidence! Thanks for all you do. Hope your computer is better.

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Depends on the mod and the changes it makes. Minor updates to scripts etc. can work just fine, however major revisions etc. will most likely bork something up since the effects are already part of the save. 


For stuff like textures and meshes, you just update on the fly as you see fit. 


Also unless you find something really gamebreaking there is no point in going through all the fuss every single time... better to just play an enjoy the game and then take all those issues next time. 

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