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Mod "Unchecking" Itself in MO [SOLUTION]


Hey all, I've solved an issue that I was having with a SkyProc patch and MO, and I thought I'd share it here in case it'd help anyone in the future. The problem names specific mods, but I think it might also work if someone is having the same problem with other mods. It's pretty easy and simple but I'm showing expanded instructions because I know I always appreciate them when I see them, myself.


The problem is, after running SUM to generate a patch, the Requiem's patch starts to uncheck itself in the right panel of Mod Organizer whenever you attempt to change tabs or click anything outside of the plugins tab that causes the plugins list to refresh. This makes it pretty much impossible to open my saves from before this problem because Requiem will notice and will kick me back to the main menu (as it should, a vital part of it is missing).


Basically what I think was happening was that MO was reverting to a wrong "setting" for that particular esp, and I fixed it by forcing MO to "get rid" of that "setting" and re-add it to the program like it would any other mod/patch whatever.


So here's what I did:

  • I went to the Mod Organizer/mods folder and I dragged the offending esp to my desktop...
  • Then I went to the Data tab in the right pane and hit "refresh".
  • After that, I went back to the Plugins tab and I made sure that the offending esp was gone from my load order.
  • Finally, I put the esp back where it was before I moved it and I went back to the Data tab and hit refresh.

The result was that the esp was readded without any settings, so it was at the bottom of my load order and it stayed properly checked when I put it back in it's proper place and enabled it.


Hopefully this helps, if anyone is having the same issue as I was.

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