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*SOLVED* Probably getting tired...but RS Children Overhaul & Boss Userlist Manager

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cybexgames, on 25 Jul 2014 - 07:44 AM, said:Posted Image

Hi Neo,

Is there suppose to be a BOSS Masterlist rule for:
RSChildren_PatchBooksofSkyrim.esp, which is from RSChildren - Books of Skyrim Patch.


Nope, cause it should be merged. :)

Look at the end of Skin & Body.




Im sorry if this is a silly mistake but im bleary eyed and cant spot what ive done wrong.  Any kind soul care to help?

As usual following Neo's instructions in SR:LE at section thus:


Special Installation: After installation, remove the following file(s) and/or folder(s):

  • RSChildren - Complete.esp (Merged Complete and USKP esp optional removes the need for this esp.)
  • RSChildren_PatchUSKP.esp (Merged Complete and USKP esp optional removes the need for this esp.)

Replace the child vampire eye texture included with this mod with The Eyes of Beauty - Dawnguard:

  • The Eyes of Beauty - Dawnguard/textures/actors/character/eyes/eyevampire_02.dds -> RS Children Overhaul/textures/actors/character/ranaline/eyes/eyevampire_02.dds

Overrides: Unofficial Dawnguard Patch, Vividian ENB
Mod Notes: This mod fixes children to no longer look like cabbage patch dolls.

BOSS Masterlist Update Required: (Updating Guide)

  • RSkyrimChildren.esm AFTER Rotar.esm
  • RSChildren_CompleteUSKP.esp BOTTOM Beauty Packs & Race ChangesAddons


Howver when I got to BUM i was faced with 3 invalid rules.  the two above that Neo gives instructions for and this one which there is no instruction for:


Posted Image


I dont think for a moment Ive stumbled upon an error made by Neo lol.  So its just a case of what have i done wrong this time?


May thanks,

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I think you will find that the step you have missed is to move the RSChildren_PatchBooksofSkyrim.esp to the Optional ESPs section in MO, for this mod. As that is what I have done.


As the RSChildren_PatchBooksofSkyrim.esp is part of the merged esp, that you should have created, it does not require a BOSS Masterlist rule.

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Thanks for the tip Cybexgames - you are correct in one sense - but i havent actually done the merge yet.  That was the problem lol, I hadnt read through the whole section i just installed the mods, followed the BUM rules and got stuck.  i


If i had read ahead i would have seen the merge and then done it and never have posted.  A lesson to me.


i will merge in a moment though and then it will be moved to optional as you say.


Cheers for taking the time to reply

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