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FPS drop after interacting



I'm running STEP "legendary" with the weather and immersive survival packs. Periodically, I encounter FPS drops after interacting with something (like a corpse or chest) both indoors and outdoors.I usually have a framerate pretty solid around 60, but on the occasions this problem crops up, I will drop to 10 fps after looting a corpse chest. The fps drops as soon as I interact and while I'm in the chest or corpse (can also happen wih books, doors, conversations) and after exiting the object.Funny thing is, if I exit the object and interact with it again the framerate gets fixed and jumps back up to 60fps.Again, this doesn't happen all the time, but often enough to be annoying. At first I thought it might be script bloat because it wouldn't happen until after I'd played for awhile (and I hadn't made the interaction correlation yet). But, it has also happened immediately after launch at times. I also thought it might be SFO or fade distances, but I've tested with SFO disabled and distances quite low and still encountered the issue. Also, it happens indoors as well, and pcb never fixes it.Would love to know if anyone else has encountered this and knows the cause and/or a fix.Thanks for any help!UPDATE: Apparently it's the interact button itself. If I press the interact hotkey even just in the air or on empty ground the framerate drops and then picks up again as soon as I press the hotkey again. So, seems as though I'm toggling something, though, again, this doesn't happen all the time. Maybe a hotkey related to enb or something? My interact hotkey is numpad7 - is that bound to something that might cause this?UPDATE 2: Definitely a hotkey misfire. I must have inadvertently clicked off num lock, so ... Numpad 7 becomes home ... Which must be bound to something, i just haven't discovered what yet. Sorry, as I "think aloud" here.


UPDATE3: Skyrim Performance Monitor binds "pause/unpause" to the Home key, however I don't have SPM running. Is the Home key trying to "call" to SPM and not finding it (since it isn't running)? Maybe that's what causes the fps drop.



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