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Suggestion for Mod Organizer



I wasn't quite sure where to put this. I comment on the nexus page, but it says right in the sticky that it's unlikely tanin would see comments there, so I thought I should post in one of the provided links. Anyway, if this thread should be somewhere else, let me know.


It'd be great if Mod Organizer could change the priority of mods based on their categories. When making a new profile from scratch (rather than copying), the priority of mods is alphabetical. Generally, alphabetical is not what we want at all. While distribution by category isn't much better than alphabetical, it would place together mods that are likely to conflict, and we could correct our mod priorities from there. To be clear, I know that we're already able to view mods by category. What I'm asking for is the ability to automatically prioritize mods by category. For example, we could use the tool the set the priority of all visual mods, starting from priority xx.

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