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Corrupted Dual Sheath Redux Patch


Good afternoon,


After completing the SRLE guide, I failed to launch the game, making the generic interface missing the starting buttons (aka NEW CONTINUE and so on). After investigating SUM is responsible for that.

I patched both DSR and NPC enchant fix without merging the overall patch. The issue is now related to Wrye Bash unable to load DSR Patch cause it is corrupted.


Did anyone face the problem ?


Edit: I didn't find any topic related to that neither.

Edit: interesting: after updating the DSR Patch with its own mod (DSR patcher) the resulting plugin is loaded properly by WB. I could help other people having issue with that when using SUM.






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I have had this problem when running SUM, it started when version 2+ of the Unofficial Skyrim Patches came out. Usually it is due to the SkyProc patches not being able to find a master even though the master is activated. The following fixes it, for me at least, every time.


1. First I deleted everything is the 'overwrite' folder, except anything self made patches for example "SR Conflict Resolution.esp".

2. Run in order: BOSS, FNIS, BASH (recreate the patch), and then SUM (with options not to run BOSS and to merge patches).

3. Run TES5Edit, select none, select SUM.esp.

4. Right click on SUM.esp on the left pane and select "sort masters".


I am not sure why this works. I assume it is because junk from previous SkyProc runs left in the overwrite confuses SUM. What I actually do for my self made patches is create a new mod folder for my conflict resolution patches for each of my profiles. That why I can just delete everything in the overwrite folder as everything there can easily be recreated anyways (following the 4 steps above) and I won't inadvertently delete one of my needed patches.

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