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Future Wiki Usefulness


DoubleYou's almost singlhandedly made the Mod Organizer Wiki Guide useful again, yes it was useful once but became outdated and obsolete.

Nobody updated it. Wolverine2710 has made significant contribution also.

Who else? no one really, I have made minor corrections of factual errors and a cut and paste of a good forum guide on overwrite folder, that looks out of place because it's not in the Wiki style.

Having just looked DoubleYou's still adding content with one or two minor edits by others.


Despite his huge effort DoubleYou is first to say he can't do or know everything alone.


Many forum contributions are noted as worth adding to the Wiki but never get added.

It appears an aversion to editing anothers work is the root cause.

Wiki's die mainly for that reason and only multi-editor Wiki's thrive.


This is the problem, the solution I propose is a sort of forum Wiki.


Basically I'll select a topic with first post containing current Wiki content split into basic and advanced qsections or occasionally a new proposed addition.


Suggested improvements made in posts will be added to OP.


The ultimate aim is continuous inprovement to the Wiki and encouraging others to


Combining all good advice into the Wiki.


I have one new topic and two where confusion has been expressed elsewhere as to how things work.


New Topic is LOOT in MO (I have a post written in reply to a LOOT thread but never finished I emailed to myself to save from my phone running out of power)


Existing Topics

Overwrite (Needs Wiki format just to start with)

BSA Archives the MO way.


Suggsstions for future topics are welcome or make your own

Only OP and forum Admin/Mods can edit first post but all can add posts with suggestions.

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