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Maintaining a stable skyrim game


Hello all,

I've finally put together what I consider the perfect mod list for my skyrim and it seems to be running superbly.  A solid 2 hours of playing after completing the 28 step test outlined by Oiscao1 here... ( https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1277531-28-step-stress-test/ ) and not one ctd, I'm happy as anything right now and ready to begin my game.  No way was that possible without the explicit guidance from the STEP team and from countless posts in forums from users and modders, in that I say thank you.


Now that everything is running so smoothly I'd like to keep it that way (Duh) and there are some key points in doing this I am a bit unsure of. Namely save games and updating or installing new mods.


- Where is the best place to save game progress?  If I understand correctly there are a few do's and don't here...


1. Always save indoors via console with a recognizable name and never in a modded area (player home or whatever). Does it really make any difference if you save outdoors?


2. Never rely on an auto save.  Is this true even when your character is killed and the auto save begins where you left off? Would it be better to just load the last named console save via the start menu every time you are killed?


- What is the best practice for updating a mod already installed in your load order?


1. As I understand, it's best to completely uninstall the mod in question and then reinstall the updated version, then just continue with the last saved game. 

Is there any chance of corrupting a save with the uninstalled version even though it is the same mod just updated?  Would it be better to start the game over with the updated mod already intact or is this completely idiotic and overkill?


2. Is it generally a bad idea to add a mod after you have a properly working game? I ask this because the manner in which I created a working load order was very tiresome and tedious but seemed the best way for accuracy.  I added some mods and then tried to crash the game any way possible, when no crash after an hour or so I added more mods and repeated.  This was great but not entirely accurate as the nature of the crashes was almost always different and thus very hard to find which was a problem.  I then stumbled upon the 28 step stress test outlined by Oiscao1.  This test helped me a great deal because it always crashed at the same points in the quest. The only problem is you can't do the test twice in one game (it's quest related) and I need another fool proof way to test a newly added mod besides the flying around worldspace one.


3. I know it's not good to eliminate a mod and continue with the save it relied on because of leftover scripts but what other ways can my saves get corrupted that I can prevent?


- Bashed patch with wyre smash.


1. I know the patch allows the mods and leveled lists to work with each other but is it bad practice to just patch every mod in my load list? Exactly which mods should I patch together or does it not matter much? I ask this because I always let the default settings in wyre smash do their thing and that includes everything.  I haven't had problems with that but just want to make sure. Though immersive armors and sneak tools show an error when they are included, I usually just uncheck them from the patch.  What does this mean exactly? Are the immersive armors still in random leveled lists or are they separate because they are not included in the patch?  I want to learn a bit more detail how wyre works but the videos I've seen seem a bit lacking in the details. Please suggest any links you may have for me to learn more.


2. Should I add skyproc patches to the bashed patch or keep them unchecked? Should I uncheck the bashed patch before running the skyproc patches with MO or keep it checked, what difference does it make if any?


That's all that comes to mind right now and I hope my ignorance in these questions isn't too bothersome, there seems to be so much conflicting info out there I really feel better to have these questions answered by some of the minds I've been following in this forum for a while, thanks in advance for any info


intel i7 core

Nvidia GTX 360


64 Bit

I use enboost and ssme and hardly any texture packs, not even the official ones. Game is smooth as silk and I want to keep it that way :)

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