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Error On Launch


Howdy ya'll, got a bug to report and wanted to see if anyone's seen this before submitting it to the bug tracker.


I see this every time I launch my skyrim game:

Posted Image


also skyrim seems to be getting in a habit of not loading my save games every other launch or so.  I am using most current version of MO and have not changed anything recently on MO or my computer.

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No indication this is solved.

So will answer for future reference.


Error says file in use by Skyrim, so I assume Skyrim's not actually running.

Check using Task Manager that it's really not running.


Still having this type of error, after checking usually always means the file in question is locked.

I recommend


Others exist but this is one I've found works best.

Once installed just right-click on file needing unlocking and select Unlocker from context menu.

It's one of my must have Apps.

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