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Super Bright Dungeons and Caves issue


Hey All,


I'm got an issue where caves and dungeons are super bright in some areas.  Usually, where sunlight is coming in through a hole in the cave or braziers are around.  Naturally, it should be brighter, but this is just ridiculous.


I've followed STEP 2.2.8 + added a few other mods for quests and clothing, but nothing that should be affecting lighting.  I'm also using ENBoost but have no ENB installed.


I recently went through the https://wiki.step-project.com/STEP:2.2.8#2.F._Conflicting_Graphics section again and made sure everything was installed correctly and in the right order in MO.


I've attached a few screenshots as well as my skyrim.ini, skyrimprefs.ini, and enblocal.ini.  plugins and modlist attached, though the modlist seems to be ordered in reverse as to have I have mods prioritized in MO.


If anyone's had this issue and knows of a solution, please let me know.


Thanks in advance.





----- EDIT -----


After some digging around in Google and Nexusforums, I found this:



It turns out it's the Mines of Moria mod.  I removed it and lighting has been fixed.  Who would have thought the mod author would f^@k with the overall lighting settings.


Thanks for all who took a look.



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