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MO Tutorials will not start - " File name case mismatch" error in log




First post here so please forgive me if I have missed an obvious answer in the "Answered" subforum.


I am suddenly unable to run the tutorials in MO.  I was able to when I started my STEP install...but now (64 mods, BOSS, TES5Edit, and Wrye Bash later) I cannot.


MO tells me to look in the MO_interface log.  I get this error when trying to run the "first steps" tutorial:


file:///C:/Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim/Mod Organizer/ tutorials_mainwindow.qml: File name case mismatch


Any one have any idea why this is and how to fix it?


I have another data point that my MO installation isn't perfect: my Wrye Bash bashed patches do not show up in overwrite like I think they're supposed to.  But I'm still watching tutorials on Wrye Bash with MO to see if I can figure that out for myself.


The tutorial issue I could not find a solution to on my own.


Thanks for any help you can provide.




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