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Unexpected dependency between BOD & SPT Consistent Older People


Fresh install of all of S.T.E.P. (can't wait for this to be automated)!  


I was troubleshooting an ILS at start (the first menu never appears).

Once I unselected the following ILS is no longer an issue.

STEP CorePatch


which depends on:



which depends on:

Bring Out Your Dead


It is true that Bring Out Your Dead is NOT required for STEP 2.2.8 however, I was unable to install SPTOlderPeople (which is the STEP dependency) without it.


If you have bothered to read this far, I suspect that someone will point to the following and mention that I installed the wrong Consistent Older People package.



     Use the "Consistent Older People 18 All NPCs Loose Assets" optional file. (Or use "Consistent Older People 18 All NPCs BOYD compatible Loose Assets" if using Bring Out Your Dead.)


I have uninstalled Consistent Older People and reinstalled with the following and BOYD is still required (per BOSS).

Consistent Older People 18 All NPCs 

Consistent Older People 18 All NPCs Loose Assets


This seems to be a dependency that found it's way into the COP base.



Were these last three mods just the tipping point of a larger problem?


This machine is a 24Gig RAM 8 Proc Nvidia 770 (4G) running Skyrim on an SSD.

Memory use before the ILS never exceeds 300M and the rest of the system is basically idle.


Anyone have any thoughts?


Next I am going to try and edit STEP to remove the dependency on SPTOlderPeople.

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