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Weird Dungeon Spawning

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I recently started a new Skyrim playthrough using the Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition guide and the mods from SR+ASIS+SKYRE thread.


I've gotten to level 25 and started Falskaar without any issues but after entering a cave (in Falskaar) I realized that every necromancer enemy is an "Adept Necromancer", every dragr is a "Dragr Wight," and a lots of bandits seem to be "Bandit Thugs."


I assume this is probably not the way my mods should work. So my questions are:

-Is this actually normal?

-If it isn't, which mod could be causing it?


Extra notes:

-I use HLE enemy scaling from the SR+ASIS+SKYRE guide


If anyone has any other advice for a mod setup like this I would love to hear it. 

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