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New gameplay. When activate mods?




Im going to sstart a new character and i read not to activate the mods in the beginning of the game.

I have Skyre and many mods installed. Hopefully it will be fine to activate then since the begging.


How and when should i activate .esp?


Thank you

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If you use Memory Patch 3.0 then it should be safe to activate all ESP from the start. However:


- Some mods MUST be active from the start (SkyRe being one of them)

- Some mods MUST be activated only when you exit Helgen cave and the dragon flies away (Helgen Reborn being one of them).


Read mod description and installation instructions at all times


The reason it's recommended not to activate all the mods from the start is that the intro sequence is script and resource heavy and it tends to CTD/freeze if too much stuff is active, however with MemPatch 3.0 it should be OK.


Try to activate all your mods and just start a new game. If you crash, or something will be wrong, just leave only some active - the ones that MUST be active and activate the rest after you leave the caves.

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