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SR-LE - Clean The Bethesda ESMs


Since this question is being asked way to often in the SR-LE thread I thought I'd post a small bit of info regarding it.

Any STEP authors please correct where I went wrong.


It seems that the steps described by NEO has(had):) two ways of working out. Either as described in SR-LE, or the cleaned ESM's do end up in your Skyrim Data folder.


1. Move the cleaned ESM's from the Skyrim Data folder to the MO overwrite folder > TES5 folder where the back-up ESM's currently reside).

2. Move the ESM's with the back-up extension from the TES5 folder to the Skyrim Data and rename accordingly ( remove the back-up extension )

3. Refresh MO ( there is a refresh button at the top - next to the Profile name )

4. Right click on the red Overwrite in the modlist and select Create Mod... continue as per SR-LE

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Since the new version of MO now gives me the same results, the guide has been updated to reflect this. Hopefully, it will be the end of the confusion and no-one is like I used to be.

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