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Weapon sound plays when picking up items or saving



Exactly what it says on the tin. Whenever I quicksave or pick up an item like gold or an alchemical reagent, a rather loud weapon-swing sound plays. It's starting to annoy me and I've only just got out of Helgen.


I have every STEP-suggested mod installed, as well as a few others:


Duel Combat Realism

Deadly Dragons

Midas Magic

Warzones 3

Ultimate Follower Overhaul

Spell Sneak Attacks


I don't really see why they would interfere with something like this, but there you have it. Any ideas as to where I should be looking?

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Improved Combat Sounds, did you download the fix from the Optional section of that file on Nexus? (Granted you did get Improved Combat Sounds). And if you did, make sure that fix is loaded after all sound-mods in your loadorder. That should fix it, it even fixes the issue with another mod (werewolf perktree-mod that my brother uses that caused a werewolf howl in all those situations) if loaded after it.

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