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One of qotsafans's patches causing CTD

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TL;DR: I'm removing Miscellaneous Reproccer + Destruction Tweak 50 Patch from a 25hr old game.  What's the best way to minimize damage?


Some Background: Whenever that mod is active my game crashes whenever I either (1) ask certain members of the college of winterhold what they have for sell (more precisely, when they open shop) or (2) enter "Calixto's House of Curiosities" interact with anything, leave and attempt to use Convient Horses's horse inventory option (I have it set to remote).  When I uncheck the mod, I can't generate a crash by doing any of these things, when I have the mod active, I can't avoid causing a crash by doing these things. I'm sure it's not doing this by itself, but I'm not sure what it is conflicting with.  If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears, but really I just want to remove it as painlessly as possible.

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Yeah, I figured that interaction is the source of the problem (I titled my post before more cautiously wording it), but at any rate, I definitely don't get crashes without it (and definitely do get them with it) and that's all I care about. I'm just worried that removing it mid-game could cause crashes elsewhere. Am I correct in thinking this? And, if so, how can I minimize this?

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