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What is the cause of BAD EDITOR ID tags?  I'm kind of going through different mods to see i can find the root cause, but maybe someone can give me a lead.  Even in the intro of a new game, I'm seeing bad id's for armor on Ralof.  Thoughts?

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I'm still looking for an answer in case anyone has some insight. Thanks.

What do you mean by bad editor ID?


You get the ID for the actual item ingame (reference ID). Not the base Item ID. If that is what you want, you can obtain it through the help command ingame if you know the proper item name. Just google how to do that (Not always easy though!). You cannot use reference IDs to spawn items in-game. You need the base ID.

Another way is to use the search function of the CK to find the actual item you found the reference ID for in game, and see what base item/ID it uses.

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